Since today's world is filled with rules and regulations regarding every little thing, e-commerce activities are no different. In an effort to make it easy for everyone, Angel Grove Studio has listed all its e-commerce and customer-related policies in a very simple way that everyone can read and understand. We have also listed the policies related to our brands, Razorlight Entertainment and A Light Hope. Ultimately, every establishment operates on the goodwill and respect of the people. So, let's keep it clean and play nice.

Angel Grove Studio is referred to by the acronym AGS, Razorlight Entertainment by RLE, and A Light Hope by ALH. In these policy statements and in any content on this website, AGS refers to Angel Grove Studio only and not any other establishment or company, RLE refers to Razorlight Entertainment, and ALH refers to A Light Hope and not another brand, company, or organisation. Angel Grove Studio (https://angelgrovestudio.biz) is registered under the Indian Shops and Establishments Act.

The following URLs are operated by Angel Grove Studio:

  1. https://angelgrovestudio.biz - the main URL to our website and services.
  2. https://ags.guru - a URL that redirects you to Angel Grove Studio.
  3. https://andarplays.com- a URL that permits access to Andar Plays, our YouTube live stream show. 
  4. https://alighthope.com- a URL that permits access to A Light Hope.

https://www.angelgrovestudio.biz, https://ags.guru, https://andarplays.com, and https://alighthope.com and all related sub-domains are owned and managed by Angel Grove Studio. All rights reserved.

All the content on this website and RLE and ALH are © Angel Grove Studio. All rights reserved. Kindly do not duplicate, distribute, or publish any content from AGS, RLE, and ALH without our permission. You can get our permission by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting it. We'll be nice; we promise. ^_^