Terms & Conditions

1. Put very simply, you agree that you have read the AGS policies and that you will follow and respect them, whether you buy anything from us or not, when you visit this website. The same applies for RLE and ALH.

2. You can't buy anything from this website as a minor.

3. You agree that you don't have any problems or complaints with us using Razorpay or any other payment processors to process your payments. Basically, you are okay with shopping on this website and all that 'shopping' entails.

4. Please don't sell, redistribute, or duplicate the information, products, and anything else on this website. You agree that you will respect the intellectual property rights and copyrights of Angel Grove Studio and our affiliate partners. Be nice and responsible and everything's peachy.

5. When practising or using anything mentioned on this website, you will use your common sense and logic. Don't blindly believe in everything you see and depend on your experience to guide you. Basically, cross-check your information with other sources and be very careful.

6. We can change products and prices whenever we want. Again, this will happen rarely, something like once in a blue moon. We're generally pretty stable when it comes to pricing and our products. If we change our products and prices, we will post about it on the website.

7. We can and probably will distribute, sell, and do whatever we like with our stuff, stuff being everything on this website and any products we sell. We will do so in compliance with Indian law. You agree that you don't mind.

8. In some rare cases, we may have to refuse your order, such as if it violates the law or if there is a government policy stopping us from shipping to your address. You agree that you won't mind, if this happens.

9. We will correct, modify, or change the content on this website and in our products at our discretion. If you feel there are any problems in that regard, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You agree not to raise a ruckus about it. Cheers.

10. We will moderate any user submissions, comments, posts, and contributions on this website as and how we deem fit. Remember to play nice and keep things clean. No trolling, baiting, swearing, fighting, etc. Be civilised folks; this isn't the neanderthal era.

11. We will resort to litigation and the force of law to resolve any major dispute, what is 'major' being decided by us. This applies to that 0.1% of the world population that wants to make trouble. Be nice and compassionate.

12. You agree that you're okay with the fact that we can and will, sometimes, prohibit users from accessing specific content or parts of the website, or from buying certain products. Don't worry. It's a rare thing.

13. You agree that we won't be involved in any dispute between you and a third-party, whoever they may be, affiliate or no. What happens between you and someone else stays between you and them. Best of luck!

14. We don't offer warranties and guarantees on anything. It's not necessary on the stuff we sell. You agree that you're okay with that.

15. You agree that if you violate these terms and conditions, or any of our policies, we're not responsible for any harm or damage done to you or your purchases; we won't offer any support either.

You agree to accept these terms and conditions, unconditionally. If you have any questions about our policies, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..