Privacy Policy

1. We do not collect any information about you, our customer, when you purchase a product from our store. This includes e-mails, addresses, and other information.

2. We use Google Analytics on our website. So, whatever Google collects via the browser, when you visit our website, is visible to us. We can only examine this data for better marketing and product development, nothing else.

3. Payments for any products that you purchase from AGS, RLE, and ALH is handled by Razorpay. Razorpay has its own terms and conditions and follows the rules set by the Government of India. We do not store or use any data collected by Razorpay.

4. We have links to purchase products from or browse information on third-party affiliate websites, such as Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, etc. These websites have their own terms and conditions and policies. We do not manage any of these websites. We do not advise them on any of their policies.

5. The website uses cookies and cache systems to maintain your current browsing session. We don't do anything with it, or use it for anything. It can't tell us anything about you either.

6. If you are using this website, you agree that you are an adult, or a minor who is using this website under the strict supervision of an adult. That's the law, kids, sorry. On the bright side, this is a family friendly website, so browse it with your moms and dads, children.

7. We can change our policies whenever we want to, but we will post about such changes on the website. Frankly, such changes are rare and more often than not unnecessary.

8. Andar Plays is a live stream show that is brought to viewers by Razorlight Entertainment, on its official YouTube channel at RLE doesn't store any information about its viewers. YouTube has its own terms and conditions and we do not influence those in any way.

9. The data that YouTube provides us regarding viewership demographics is used to improve our broadcast and enhance our products, nothing else. We do not store that data ourselves.

10. RLE and ALH are separate brand services that have been created and are operated and managed by AGS. Up till now, there has been no information interchange or cross-interaction between these services. We do not forsee this happening in the future either, but if it ever does, we will post about it on the website.

11. RLE has a Patreon page that can be visited at This service is meant for the viewers of Andar Plays, who enjoy the show and wish to offer RLE long-term support and patronage. Patreon has its own rules and policies. We do not influence their terms and conditions.

12. RLE has a tipping page at This service is meant for viewers of Andar Plays, who enjoy the show and wish to show their appreciation on a one-time basis, generally. Both Indian and International payments (in non-INR currencies) are accepted by this service. This service is powered by Razorpay and is subject to their terms and conditions. We do not store any data collected by Razorpay from you.

13. If you have any questions, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be nice and we'll play nice, too. ^_^