Pricing Policy

In keeping with our mission of conducting compassionately passionate business, AGS tries to price its products and services so that they are affordable for as many people as possible. Of course, these prices are subject to conversion rates, an individual country's taxes, international fees, charges, and taxes, and of course, the national laws and local rules enforced by the Government of India.

AGS also firmly believes in utilising high quality materials, the latest software, the best manpower and skills available, and mainstream, premium distribution services to provide our products and services worldwide. Accordingly, we do not compromise on cost and price with these factors. We think that everyone should have access to premium products and services, thereby enhancing the quality of their own lives. Compromising on this only leads to long-term losses. So, you will not find us offering a cheap product for the sake of offering cheap products. You will not find us offering a cheap service for the sake of offering cheap services. We will do our utmost to make our offerings affordable, but they will be quality offerings. That is how we shall be compassionately passionate in our work.

Shipping is calculated separately, according to the region in which you stay, for physical products. There is a fixed rate charged for shipping any physical product, in addition to any extra charges levied as per distance and applicable laws and taxes.

If you have any questions about our pricing policy, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please ensure that you read the policies carefully and follow them. By using this website and our products and services, you agree to abide by these policies and terms and conditions. God bless you!